Ssiptv iptv settings

Going to the left and right within the applications, we find and click our SS IPTV application.

If you want, you can add the application to the ”My Applications“ section and click the ”Open“

button to enter the application.

The following image will appear when we enter the application.


In this part, we enter the lar settings” section”, which is in the form of the wheel at the top right, with the up and down keys. Here it is;

This will be the screen on the screen after entering;

The only part that interests us in this section is the Get code part on the right. Again, right-click, up and down keys on the Get code box, click on the code and gives us a single-use code. In that ;

Our TV has given a single-use code like this one time 6LFH. This code is both important and not important.

IPTV List and Codes

Now let’s use this code for what. If we want to watch a channel from IPTV, we use a file with IPTV channels from the internet. These files have a lot on the internet. If you want to watch which country’s channel or which channels you want to watch it specially, you can download iptv codes with m3u extension to your computer.

For this article I have used my own m3u extension, I have shared the file with links to the Turkish channels.

You can request the free code here

For the place where we will use the code given to us by our television, we go to the computer and click on the link. This screen is coming to your page.



This site is the site of SS IPTV. Here, we enter the code given to us by our television in the Enter Connection Code and by pressing the ADD DEVICE button, we will establish a connection between the SS TV’s own site and our smart TV.

As you have seen above, we have just entered the code given to us by our television and we click the ADD DEVICE button.

Here comes this part;


Evet artık SS IPTV’nin sitesi içerisinde akıllı tv’mizde izlemek üzere m3u dosyasını yükleyebileceğimiz ekran açılmış oldu.

Here we press the OPEN button shown above with the red line.

Here comes the contents of our computer. Here we find the file you have given above and downloaded m3u file and click the “Open” button. Thus, the list of our channels is uploaded to the part of the SS IPTV site, which is specially opened for us.



As you can see above, our channels have arrived. Now click. SAVE Artık button. Now we’re going back to our television for smart iptv.


In this section, we click on the right arrow up and down buttons of the back arrow that you have seen in the upper right, and this section is coming back to us.

As you can see in this section, we click on the refresh button on the top right (two arrows on top right in the blue box) and click on it. This is where we come from;



As you can see under the name of My Playlist, we find and download the contents of the channels in the file. We click on the My Playlist section and our channels are coming;


Here are our channels. In this section with our control up and down, right-click on the channel we want to click on the link and the connection is starting to be provided.


Once connected, you can watch iptv from your smart TV. As I mentioned earlier, this is the case for Smart IPTV . For other models, only the IPTV application will be downloaded.